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855-972-3537 Pop-Up

Posted: November 21, 2014

Threat Metric

Ranking: 10,014
Threat Level: 1/10
Infected PCs: 2,417
First Seen: November 21, 2014
Last Seen: October 12, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

The '855-972-3537' pop-up is a technical support strategy used to gain access to a PC user's system and information. Although the '855-972-3537' pop-up is designed to resemble a firewall warning, the '855-972-3537' pop-up always will claim to have found threats on your PC and recommend calling the associated phone number. Although trusting the 'tech support' of a known fraud isn't recommended, computers that load an '855-972-3537' pop-up repeatedly also may be infected with actual threats. Scanning your PC with a trusted brand of anti-malware software always should be done after contact with an '855-972-3537' pop-up or similar browser-based threats.

The '855-972-3537' Pop-Up: a Tactic with Unknown Consequences

Similar to previously examined hoaxes like the 'Warning! Your Computer May Be Infected' Pop-Up or the 'Call for Great Tech Support' Pop-Up Alert, the '855-972-3537' pop-up uses fake security information to confuse victims into calling its phone number. While describing your PC as being compromised by adware, spyware or a virus, the '855-972-3537' pop-up tries to put its victim into contact with a con artist through a live phone connection. Previously prolonged interactions with third parties exploiting the '855-972-3537' pop-up may reveal holes in their covers, which may indicate a lack of experience on the part of the associated con artists.

Because the '855-972-3537' pop-up doesn't commit any additional attacks, by itself, any other consequences of an '855-972-3537' pop-up encounter are dependent on the actions of the individual con artist and victim. Common attacks attempted through this conversational technical support tactic may include:

  • Third parties may request that you allow them to remotely access to your machine, or change your system settings in ways that may make it vulnerable to remote attacks.
  • You may be requested to install a rogue security program, PC repair product or similar, fraudulent system scanner. These products may find fake errors to 'fix,' but require their registration's purchase beforehand.
  • You may be asked to transfer some information, such as credit card data.

The '855-972-3537' pop-up and similar hoaxes may claim to be repairing your computer from compromises caused by threatening software or similar malfunctions. When investigated, an '855-972-3537' pop-up shows no verifiable affiliations with legitimate PC security companies (despite its using a Windows security icon and claiming to be delivered by your firewall software).

Keeping Your Browser Unexposed to the Risk of '855-972-3537' Pop-Ups

Although the '855-972-3537' pop-up makes various claims of the potentially enormous damages that could befall any PC not repaired by its services, the '855-972-3537' pop-up isn't a legitimate firewall alert and is unrelated to any real security-detection apparatus. Any information transferred to 'employees' of a company associated with an '855-972-3537' pop-up should be assumed to be in third-party possession, enabling their abuse for further damaging actions, such as fraudulent cash transfers. Cases of an '855-972-3537' pop-up occurring through a legitimate Website should be resolved by contacting the administrator and notifying them of the security issue, which is most likely to occur through compromised advertising networks.

The '855-972-3537' pop-up has not been linked to attempts to use compromised Web content to attack the targeted PCs. However, recurring pop-up attacks like an '855-972-3537' pop-up may be symptoms of adware or threatening software being installed. In all cases, malware researchers only can recommend that you scan your PC with appropriate security solutions as soon as possible after your pop-up incidents first occur.