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877-695-4931 Pop-Up

Posted: November 19, 2014

The '877-695-4931' pop-up is a technical support tactic that uses a combination of misleading Web content and fake PC technical support hotline employees to create security vulnerabilities on your computer. These attacks may lead to the creation of backdoor vulnerabilities, the installation of threats or the attempted collection of money or financial information. Although the '877-695-4931' pop-up claims to help protect your PC from recent attacks by threats, malware experts encourage closing all '877-695-4931' pop-ups immediately and scanning any computer suffering from exposure to them.

The Threat Infection that may be Real – for Reasons Left Unspoken

Although PC security tactics are a significant part of the threat industry, many such hoaxes prefer to use fraudulent security products. The '877-695-4931' pop-up is an example of an alternative method of collecting money through fake security services: by forcing the computer user into contact with a con artist via telephone. For precipitating this contact, the '877-695-4931' pop-up first claims that your PC has been infected by threats. In some cases, this claim even may be true, as malware researchers found some variants of the '877-695-4931' pop-up including corrupted scripts, which could theoretically install threats automatically.

The consequences of trusting '877-695-4931' pop-up's security number are as variable as the con artist at the other end of the conversation. However, recent attacks related to the '877-695-4931' pop-up involved attempts to open backdoor exploits (that could let third parties control your PC remotely) and install threatening software. Some victims also were redirected to Support.me, a remote desktop access website with a heavy history of proliferating (whether intentionally or accidentally) similar tactics.

Most third parties associated with the '877-695-4931' pop-up mislead computer users by claiming to be employed by Microsoft.

The Secure Way to Handle a Fake PC Security Professional

If your browser has adequate protection from common Web-based threats, the only way a '877-695-4931' pop-up may hurt you is if you allow the '877-695-4931' pop-up to do so. Malware researchers find education an excellent defense against the '877-695-4931' pop-up and similar tactics that require the PC user to be ignorant about the proper use of basic features like the Windows Event Viewer. However, it also is sensible to scan your PC after any contact with threatening Web content, including fake tech support pop-ups.

The '877-695-4931' pop-up ordinarily only appears on compromised or hacked websites in single incidents that you should avoid easily in the future. The '877-695-4931' pop-up should not appear routinely or on multiple sites, which may be symptomatic of the presence of adware or browser hijackers. Reversing these browser changes should use appropriate security tools, and malware experts would recommend using system scans from security solutions equally adept at deleting both PUPs and real threats.