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’888-991-9974′ Pop-Ups

Posted: July 20, 2015

The '888-991-9974' pop-ups are technical support tactics that may be used to acquire money, information or access to your PC under fraudulent pretenses. Malware experts most often find the '888-991-9974' pop-ups bundled with fake software updates, which, after installation, deliver equally fake Windows warning messages. Since following the instructions in a the '888-991-9974' pop-ups may expose you to additional risks, you should ignore any recommendations from these messages while using anti-malware strategies to remove them from your machine.

The Blue Screens of Phishing Tactics

While users of only the latest versions of Windows may not be very familiar with the infamous 'Blue Screens of Death,' these error messages still are a favorite format for some online con artists. The '888-991-9974' pop-ups are some of the latest attacks malware experts verified for using BSOD-style hoaxes, alongside such campaigns as the '844-534-8203' Pop-Ups and the attacks of the TDL3 Rootkit. Most PC users report of being exposed to the '888-991-9974' pop-ups after downloading unsafe software disguised as benign products, including printer updates, driver packages and Windows updates.

After the installation, the '888-991-9974' pop-ups load fraudulent BSOD error messages (regardless of whether your machine is using Windows or a different OS). These error messages initially resemble the format of a legitimate Windows alert but append additional recommendations for calling the 888-991-9974 phone number for more technical support. In past '888-991-9974' pop-ups campaigns, malware researchers typically saw the ensuing conversations used by con artists for demanding payment for fake repair services.

Some computer users also may experience other side effects caused by threatening software associated with the '888-991-9974' pop-ups. The most common side effect, besides the actual pop-up windows, is being unable to launch Windows-specific utilities, such as the Task Manager. Your desktop also may be locked to block your access to other programs.

Clearing Away the Blues (Screens) for Free

The '888-991-9974' pop-ups are not necessarily an original campaign but are worth remarking on for their stringent formatting structure, which heavily resembles legitimate Windows alerts. Their distribution model also shows signs of targeting Windows users specifically, possibly taking advantage of Microsoft's 'Get Windows 10' nag campaign. No matter what the extenuating circumstances surrounding these attacks might be, PC owners can best protect their machines by refusing to download any updates from unsafe or unofficial sources. Updates suspected of being potential carriers of the '888-991-9974' pop-ups or related threats should be scanned with anti-malware utilities to verify their identities.

If the '888-991-9974' pop-ups block you from disinfecting your PC, restart your machine and reboot into Safe Mode. From Safe Mode, scan your computer until all scans fail to find any additional threats to remove. The '888-991-9974' pop-ups should be considered fraudulent due to their phone instructions, which are never included on any legitimate Windows warning screen (blue screen or otherwise).