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Posted: March 3, 2011

Its appearance is seemingly benevolent and professional, but Acantispy.com is actually a dangerous website that is likely to use drive-by downloads to attack any computer that visits it. Acantispy.com sells the malicious rogue anti-malware product Antimalware GO, a program that's associated with false positive alerts, faulty scanning results and browser hijacks. Delete Acantispy.com-related infections from your system and avoid interacting with Acantispy.com even passingly, and your computer will be the better off for it.

Shoddy Wares from an Infectious Site

Acantispy.com's Antimalware GO looks like a handy program to have since it's outwardly similar to genuine anti-virus scanning tools. Yet Antimalware GO has a dark side: for all its pretenses of fixing PC threats, it doesn't actually do anything to detect or cure infections! All Antimalware GO does is display fixed negative desktop alerts and scanner results. If you're able to access a real security program, you should be able to verify that Antimalware GO's messages and scan results don't offer anything resembling an honest picture of your system's health.

Acantispy.com's rogue anti-malware product is also prone to dropping other problems onto your computer:

  • Antimalware GO may hijack your web browser and redirect it to Acantispy.com or another dangerous website. This behavior can even be used to keep you from visiting secure websites!
  • The Antimalware GO program may be delivered by a Trojan. This presents a high-level threat to your security, since Trojans can drop additional malware onto your system at will as well as cut down on your security.
  • Antimalware GO may take over your system and refuse to let you access the desktop or other parts of the Windows interface. This is usually temporary as the rogue scanner forces you to sit through its scans, but it can also be lengthy and debilitating.
  • Computers infected by rogue anti-malware programs like Antimalware GO are frequently vulnerable to attack by remote attackers. Remote attacks are the cause of widespread DDoS crimes as well as a common source of identity and password theft.

Even Aside from Its Scamware, Acantispy.com Abuses Your Trust

Websites like Acantispy.com are associated with many different kinds of attacks that can strike out at you even if you don't have their rogue anti-malware programs installed on your computer. If you give the site access to your credit card information, fraudulent charges are likely to be applied until you get the charges revoked by your credit card company. Any other personal information may be used for identity theft or even sold to third-party bidders.

You don't need to try to download anything from Acantispy.com to get one of its bugs; Acantispy.com will try to infect any computer that visits it. Having very strong browser security settings can help prevent this to some extent, but standard and default settings will rarely be strong enough. If your browser has landed on Acantispy.com accidentally or deliberately, play it safe and go for a complete scan of your system with a trusted anti-malware product.

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