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AlertMobile Pro

Posted: March 28, 2006

AlertMobile Pro is special software for PC security incidents response. It monitors all attempts of unauthorized PC activity, sends SMS alerts to a mobile device, receives and executes response commands. AlertMobile Pro™ can be integrated with an alarm computer for physical protection of rooms, safes etc.

- Recording a user logon name, date, time and a PC name
- Monitoring the active tasks list
- Handling the critical applications list
- Sending SMS alerts to the security administrator's mobile phone
- Receiving control commands from the security administrator's mobile phone
- Protection from unauthorized external access
- Protection from unauthorized physical access

With control commands you can remotely administer your PC via mobile phone. Just send the SMS from your mobile and one of the following actions can be performed:
Displaying messages sent from a mobile phone
Disabling a user's account and forcing computer restart
Termination of the active process
Termination of all active processes from the monitored processes list
Locking the active process
Locking all active processes from the monitored processes list
Dismounting all protected drives
Tracing the route of a stolen or lost notebook or desktop PC
Sending to a mobile phone the confirmation of command execution status