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Posted: February 14, 2011

Bestsmartprice.com is a browser hijacker that uses various exploits to force your browser to go to its website. Although currently the Bestsmartprice.com website isn't directly malicious, the Bestsmartprice.com hijacker infection will prevent you from using your browser properly and may open up security problems to allow other malware into your system. Deleting Bestsmartprice.com is the best course of action and should give you no trouble when performed with standardized malware-deleting methods.

Bestsmartprice.com Harmless Harmful Hijacker

Unlike most hijackers, the Bestsmartprice.com browser hijacker isn't directly linked to other malware such as rogue scanners. Currently the website this hijacker directs you to is simply a link farm, which is useless in terms of content but nonthreatening as well.

This is a major distinguishing trait for the Bestsmartprice.com infection, since most hijackers prefer to redirect the user towards a website that will attempt to extort money or steal private information. Thus, the greater danger posed by Bestsmartprice.com's redirects currently lies in the potentially malicious links on the site, not in the site itself.

Bestsmartprice.com's Serious Problem Despite

Bestsmartprice.com may not be immediately harmful, but Bestsmartprice.com does take control of your web browser without your permission. You may find that you're redirected towards the Bestsmartprice.com website even when in the middle of normal browsing activities.

You should also beware of error messages about unsafe websites when browsing with an infected computer, since Bestsmartprice.com may fake these messages to redirect you sneakily.

Excising the Bestsmartprice.com Nuisance

To delete Bestsmartprice.com, you should follow the same basic practices that you would use for any malware. Reboot your computer into Safe Mode first, and make sure that the Bestsmartprice.com process isn't running. Then scan your computer with a known and community-approved security product to remove Bestsmartprice.com for good.

If you find that your Internet connection isn't working properly either before or after this, this is probably because Bestsmartprice.com fiddled with your settings a bit. In most cases, this is nothing that a quick trip to Internet Options in your Control Panel can't fix. Double check all your security settings in general after you delete Bestsmartprice.com, so that you can be sure your computer is back to normal and there's no chance of immediate reinfection.

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