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Posted: July 22, 2011

ScreenshotBogemasecurity.com is a website that serves as a home base for the Bogema Security company, a criminal front that makes fraudulent credit card charges and distributes rogue security software. Many rogue product websites like bogemasecurity.com will use browser hijackers or fake system scan ads to redirect your browser and install Bogema Security 2011 and other rogue applications. Although the marketing scheme that sits on top of bogemasecurity.com is slick and professional in appearance, our malware team has determined that the Bogema Security product that bogemasecurity.com sells has no real anti-spyware, anti-virus or other threat-removal functionality. You should remove bogemasecurity.com-related software with a strong anti-virus product, not just for your PC's sake, but for your wallet's sake, as well.

Bogemasecurity.com - the Online Storefront without a Product

The obscurely-named bogemasecurity.com is simply another cover for a bare-bones website that steals credit card information and distributes rogue software. Bogemasecurity.com's poison of choice is Bogema Security 2011, a rogue application that, as is typically the case, uses fake errors and infection alerts to make you think that your PC is in danger. After creating this artificial sense of urgency, bogemasecurity.com's rogue application will capitalize on it by insisting that the only way to cure your PC is to spend money at bogemasecurity.com.

Our malware team has found that even a full and purchased version of bogemasecurity.com's rogue program is just as useless as the freely-distributed version of Bogema Security 2011, and there's no justification for wasting your money on such a sham of a product. Worse still, the Bogema Security company has also been seen making unjustified and illegal charges to credit card, and any credit card information that's in their hands should be considered, for all intents and purposes, plundered.

It's recommended that you switch credit cards and cancel your old one if you've given bogemasecurity.com your credit card information. Even a visit to bogemasecurity.com is potentially dangerous, since fake software storefronts like bogemasecurity.com are known for exploiting drive-by-download scripts. These scripts may install Bogema Security 2011 or a trojan that can, in turn, install Bogema Security 2011. Some well-known trojans that have distributed rogue software include Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert and Zlob.

The Deeper Dangers That Lie within Bogemasecurity.com's Fake Security Offers

Bogemasecurity.com may also be capable of installing PC threats that hijack your browser or block security-related programs. If you require legitimate security programs to remove bogemasecurity.com infections and to access Windows without interferences, you should reboot or go to Safe Mode from an external device.

Be careful to avoid any contact with similar websites that market other rogue applications with different names. Clean-security.com, unlimdefender.com, unlimguard.com, ultimate-guard.com and ultimate-scan.com are all associated with rogue security programs that bear strong similarities to Bogema Security 2011, and should be similarly avoided.

Likewise, avoid installing (or if you've already installed them, remove them immediately with suitable anti-malware software) Ultimate Scan, Unlimited Defender, Ultimate Guard, XP Internet Security 2012, XP Security 2011, Personal Shield Pro Version 2.20, Windows 7 Fix, Vista Home Security 2012 and Clean Security, all of which exhibit malicious behavior that's strikingly similar to bogemasecurity.com's own rogue product.