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Posted: February 14, 2011

Categoriesonline.com is a browser hijacker that redirects the infected computer's browser towards the website of its name or to other potentially dangerous sites. A hijacked browser is difficult to browse the Internet with and may also have its privacy compromised, allowing information such as passwords to be leaked to remote attackers. Deleting Categoriesonline.com is the only way to be certain that your computer and personal information remain secure.

How You Got Categoriesonline.com Bug

You may have picked Categoriesonline.com up from visiting a P2P site and downloading an infected file, which can be an originally legitimate file or a mislabeled file made solely to distribute this hijacker. Categoriesonline.com and similar infections can also infect poorly-protected computers through website advertising scripts and may be downloaded by other kinds of malware straight onto your computer. Having stringent security settings and active updated anti-malware programs are the strongest protections you can erect against a Categoriesonline.com infection.

Indications of a Hijacker Along for the Ride

While some malware infections are discreet, Categoriesonline.com and other hijackers are obvious in their primary problems. You can see symptoms of a hijacker in the following issues:

  • Error messages appearing for websites that were previously working without any problems.
  • Your web browser redirecting towards another site, especially a site you've never seen before.
  • Links embedded in text content in most or all websites you visit.
  • A web browser that's slow or unresponsive.
  • A homepage that's been altered to the Categoriesonline.com website. This may continue to happen even if you try to reset your homepage to the original one.
  • Changed browser or Internet settings, most importantly with regard to the use of proxy servers.

And All the Rest You May Have to Deal With

Hijackers like Categoriesonline.com can present other problems too, which can be more threatening even if they're not so easy to see. Your security settings will almost always suffer significant deterioration while a browser hijacker is on your computer. Hijackers are also known to deliberately disable major security and utility programs that could be used to remove Categoriesonline.com or other malware from the system. Due to the lack of access to mandatory maintenance tools your system may degrade into a highly unstable state even if Categoriesonline.com does no further deliberate damage.

Fortunately, all these problems can be resolved if one deletes Categoriesonline.com quickly. Accessing Safe Mode will generally allow users to bypass any malware, including Categoriesonline.com, to run the required anti-malware scanners and delete all threats.

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