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Posted: July 4, 2011

Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 is a Trojan that may attack your security, let remote criminals control your computer or install other harmful programs without your permission or knowledge. Infections by Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 may occur from peer-to-peer downloading networks, file attachments from spam email or links from instant messaging bots. Since the presence of Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 on your computer constitutes a legitimate security threat, you should remove Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 with a competent anti-virus application if you can do so.

Seeing Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 Infections Before It's Too Late

Although Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 has limited information available about Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 characteristics, almost all Trojan threats like Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 will exhibit some or all of the following signs:

  • Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 may launch itself automatically by exploiting the Windows Registry. This can be detected in the Registry Editor if you look for the right thing and, sometimes, you may be able to identify a Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 process in Task Manager.
  • Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 may install other applications onto your PC. If you find an unusual security program or other unrecognized application on your PC you should immediately suspect Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 or another Trojan, such as Zlob or Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert. Typical programs that are installed by Trojans like Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 include spyware, rogue security software and tools that assist remote attackers.
  • Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 may enable remote attackers to control your PC with the help of a RAT (Remote Administration Tool) or by other means. This can allow remote criminals to browse and launch files, steal information or even force your computer to perform suicidal actions against itself.
  • Your security programs may be attacked by Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 in several ways. Registry entries may be deleted to prevent these programs from running, programs may be shut down whenever you try to run them, and settings may be altered to make these applications useless for guarding your PC security.

Undoing the Damage That Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 Can Cause

Deleting Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 properly entails the use of an updated anti-virus application, since inexpert removal of Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 without software-based help is unlikely to succeed. Safe Mode is recommended in most cases, since it may stop Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 from launching itself automatically and provides a safe environment for getting rid of Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 with the right software.

Be attentive to the possibility of other PC threats on your computer that Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 may have installed. Once Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 is removed, you should make sure that all the damage it's caused is reverted. This can include restoring Registry entries and other sensitive portions of Windows that should be tended to with the help of experts or recovery software.

Deleting Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 manually may be possible, but this can result in a loss of Internet connectivity, general system damage to Windows and a wide range of problems. In any case where an alternative is available, you should avoid trying to delete Downloader-cew-auc88f8f761b11 by yourself.

File System Modifications

  • The following files were created in the system:
    # File Name
    1 %TEMP%\7577754DEF64533D66E0BB2D557BF4DBC59D066.exe
    2 %WINDIR%\Tasks\{BBAEAEAF-1275-40e2-BD6C-BC8F88BD114A}.job

Registry Modifications

  • The following newly produced Registry Values are:

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