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Email Spy Monitor 2009

Posted: June 1, 2009

Email Spy Monitor 2009 is software that spies on your emails, whether you're using Outlook 2000/XP/2003/2007, Outlook Express 5/6, Windows Vista WinMail or IncrediMail. Designed by eMatrixSoft to catch "cheaters, employees, children or spouses, and even investigating crimes", Email Spy Monitor 2009 emails or FTPs its reports to whoever is watching you. Email Spy Monitor could be used for legitimate reasons, such as making sure little Johnny is safe online, but Email Spy Monitor could also invade your privacy and compromise your personal or financial information.

File System Modifications

  • The following files were created in the system:
    # File Name
    1 %system%\emlappini.ini
    2 %system%\mxpvct22.dat
    3 %system%\mxpvct23.dat
    4 %system%\mxpvct25.dat
    5 adsnwe.exe
    6 emailspymonitor.exe

Registry Modifications

  • The following newly produced Registry Values are:
    HKEY..\..\..\..{Subkeys}HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\shareddlls c:\windows\system32\mxpvct22.datHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\..{RunKeys}HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run adsnwe