Posted: March 2, 2011

HackTool.Win32.VB.jz Description

Identified as a threat by Microsoft back in 2007, HackTool.Win32.VB.jz is a backdoor Trojan that infects computers quietly and then proceeds to drop other malware onto the system. Some sources also indicate that HackTool.Win32.VB.jz may also be able to copy itself to new drives to spread, and may be responsible for browser hijacking or pop-up issues. All Trojans like HackTool.Win32.VB.jz are serious security risks, and you should delete HackTool.Win32.VB.jz before real damage is done to your computer by the additional malware the infection installs.

A Years-Old Spanner in the Works

As a fairly old threat, HackTool.Win32.VB.jz can be detected by quality security programs easily. However, Trojans such as HackTool.Win32.VB.jz will try to slip onto computers through secretive and deceptive means, which makes tight passive security a necessity. You can acquire HackTool.Win32.VB.jz and other Trojan infections through downloading widely-distributed executable files from P2P networks or freeware sites. Malicious websites can also drop HackTool.Win32.VB.jz onto your system if your browser and general security settings are sufficiently poor.

HackTool.Win32.VB.jz may spread through removable drive devices, since some sources have indicated that HackTool.Win32.VB.jz can copy and run itself automatically like a worm. This vulnerability also applies to files shared over local networks, which worms can use to propagate on a large scale.

HackTool.Win32.VB.jz is an Old Program, But Its Code Remains Threatening

The HackTool.Win32.VB.jz Trojan possesses various attack capabilities, all of which are standard but none the less threatening:

  • Like all Trojans, HackTool.Win32.VB.jz can and likely will download and install other files without your consent. These additional files will usually be more invasive and debilitating forms of malware that record your keyboard input or take over your computer through browser hijacks and false alert messages. These extra uninvited guests will make it more difficult to delete HackTool.Win32.VB.jz properly.
  • HackTool.Win32.VB.jz is also a variety of Trojan equipped with backdoor abilities. Your system security will be reduced for the specific purpose of allowing a remote entity to attack your system. HackTool.Win32.VB.jz may download additional components to let a hacker completely control your system or spy on your private information.
  • Trojans such as HackTool.Win32.VB.jz are also able to have other harmful functions that aren't a definitive part of their threat categorization like keylogging, registry changes to let the Trojan avoid deletion and run in the background or changed browser settings through proxy server exploits.

Even a single one of these threats would make it important to delete HackTool.Win32.VB.jz as quickly as possible. The fact that there are so many possible options for damage to your computer only emphasizes the necessity of reacting aggressively to save your machine.

File System Modifications

  • The following files were created in the system:
    # File Name
    1 %PROGRAM_FILES%\HackTool.Win32.VB.jz
    2 c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\HackTool.Win32.VB.jz \
    3 c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\HackTool.Win32.VB.jz \

Registry Modifications

  • The following newly produced Registry Values are:

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