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Posted: May 17, 2011

Hello4.exe is a virus that deletes crucial Windows operating system files from your computer. You may also experience various other problems with your PC due to Hello4.exe, including difficulty in using unrelated applications. Since Hello4.exe is a newer threat that has recently surged in infections, you should keep anti-malware application up to date on threat definitions to protect yourself from Hello4.exe attacks. Removing viruses like Hello4.exe is a difficult task to do unless handled by an expert or by suitable anti-malware programs.

What Makes You Vulnerable to Hello4.exe

Hello4.exe was noticed in May of 2011 and has spread throughout a number of countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Fiji and Vanuatu. Taking particular caution around file sources and links from these regions may help you avoid potential Hello4.exe attacks. Hello4.exe is specific to Windows; if you're running an alternative OS, you shouldn't have to worry about Hello4.exe getting onto your computer.

In addition to Hello4.exe's native 'Hello4' executable file, as a virus, Hello4.exe may also infect harmless files; be careful to scan any possible executable files before launching them. Hello4.exe and other viruses can't launch themselves without infecting an executable file; however, they may infect an executable file that is inaccurately named to look as though it's in another format like .txt. or .pdf.

Hello4.exe, like many viruses, may show no obvious signs of being active. Windows Registry entries and background memory processes are two telltale signs that are difficult to conceal:

  • You can search the Windows Registry for entries that automatically launch Hello4.exe during startup or when another application launches by looking for the virus's file name. However, removing the wrong Registry entries can seriously damage your operating system, which is why automated Hello4.exe removal via anti-malware scanners is the preferable choice.
  • You can access Windows Task Manager and check for Hello4.exe memory processes typing Ctrl + Alt + Delete. This isn't a foolproof detection method, however, since viruses like Hello4.exe may also infect native files and thereafter run using the infected file processes.

Why You Should Take This Friendly Virus Seriously

Attacks related to Hello4.exe viruses are relatively diverse:

  • Some versions of Hello4.exe will content themselves with making pop-ups related to advertisements. These pop-ups aren't destructive by themselves but are an indication of Hello4.exe's presence creating a security vulnerability in your computer. Disabling JavaScript and Flash may help you defend your PC from advertisement-based Hello4.exe attacks.
  • Hello4.exe may also delete operating system files, either to cause a system failure or to replace those files with infected duplicates. In the first case, this may damage your PC and require reinstalling the OS. In the latter, Hello4.exe or linked malware will run without your permission or any visible signs of being active.
  • Lastly, Hello4.exe can block you from using unrelated applications, sometimes with accompanying error messages. This isn't necessarily a sign that the program itself is damaged, and you should be skeptical of any warnings or alerts created by Hello4.exe or other threats.

Since other types of PC threats can exploit Hello4.exe to further the damage they can do, you should treat any possibility of Hello4.exe as a high-level security problem and use good anti-malware programs to scan your PC. Using Safe Mode or booting from an external source will minimize the chances of Hello4.exe interfering with any system scans, which will let you remove Hello4.exe without difficulty.

File System Modifications

  • The following files were created in the system:
    # File Name
    1 C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\
    2 C:\Program Files\
    3 C:\Program Files\Common Files

Registry Modifications

  • The following newly produced Registry Values are:

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