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Igfxmtc.exe CPU Miner

Posted: January 26, 2018

The Igfxmtc.exe CPU Miner is a Trojan that hijacks the system resources of your PC for creating money for a threat actor. Although an infected PC shows no interface for the user, the Igfxmtc.exe CPU Miner may cause some side symptoms, such as crashes or performance glitches. Removing the Igfxmtc.exe CPU Miner with appropriate anti-malware programs and procedures is critical for the long-term health of your PC's hardware.

Upgraded Gaming at Too High a Price

Since supply and demand also play their part in the threatening software sector, cybercrooks often will circulate Trojans with fake names that are of high interest to any would-be downloaders. This choice of exploit most often applies to tricky versions of illicit programs, such as keygens but also functions well for non-official updates similarly, patches and mods. The Igfxmtc.exe CPU Miner is one of the recent Trojans malware experts are confirming for using this exploit for attacking PCs indiscriminately.

Unidentified threat actors are installing the Igfxmtc.exe CPU Miner by bundling the Trojan with an English 'fan' patch for popular gaming software. Although the patch is genuine, the Igfxmtc.exe CPU Miner also takes advantage of the installation routine to configure its system-persistence between reboots. The Igfxmtc.exe CPU Miner shows no UI but does spawn a 32-bit memory process ('Igfxmtc.exe') that runs off of the central processing unit. Like other cryptocurrency-mining applications, the Igfxmtc.exe CPU Miner uses this hardware for creating money that it loads into a specific wallet (not the user's) passively.

Malware experts have yet to determine a maximum usage range for the Igfxmtc.exe CPU Miner, which can run continuously. Although brief exposure may cause no significant damage, the long-term side effects of the Igfxmtc.exe CPU Miner's payload may degrade your CPU, and always have a risk of causing general, performance-related symptoms that can interfere with any other programs.

Bringing Down a Computer-Mining Operation without a Permit

According to its history, as determined by malware researchers, an individual Igfxmtc.exe CPU Miner infection has high chances of bundling with other, distinct threats, including different forms of adware, and other mining Trojans. They may create symptoms outside this article's purview. By itself, the Igfxmtc.exe CPU Miner is most readily observable from within the Task Manager or a similar, memory-monitoring utility, which can let the victim identify the process and its CPU usage percentage.

The Igfxmtc.exe CPU Miner includes components that will re-install the Trojan if its removal is incomplete. Users should try rebooting their computers in Safe Mode or use an appropriate recovery environment, such as a boot-up USB stick. Refrain from restarting again until your computer is analyzed and disinfected by standard anti-malware products that can remove all other threats, along with deleting the Igfxmtc.exe CPU Miner. Malware researchers also recommend running anti-adware scans, if appropriate.

A Trojan like the Igfxmtc.exe CPU Miner is of more danger to users who aren't looking at what's happening to their computers' hardware than those who keep surveillance over what's theirs. Even something as apparently minor as a few percentage points' lose of CPU power can mean that your computer is a non-consensual source of monetization.