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Posted: March 9, 2011

InfoCleaner is a Korean rogue security program that swipes money from innocent computer users by barraging them with distressing scanner results and desktop alerts about problems that aren't actually present. InfoCleaner is a copy of many other rogue security products with almost identical code and may be spread through malicious websites or Trojans. Threats like InfoCleaner are often dangers to your security and will usually direct you towards fraudulent websites, so you're best off removing InfoCleaner at your convenience instead of playing along with InfoCleaner's little game.

Korean Hackers Prove They Don't Know When to Give Up

As one example in a very long series of Korean threats, InfoCleaner doesn't do anything new that InfoCleaner's relatives aren't fully capable of, and mainly offers InfoCleaner's new name to trick the uninformed. Infections of InfoCleaner are largely the result of downloading files from P2P networks or freeware sites with poor upload security. They may also be acquired through Trojans and visiting dangerous websites.

It can be easier to visit an InfoCleaner-related website than you would think, since InfoCleaner has many clones: One Scan, MyVaccine, EnPrivacy and PCTrouble are just some of the many possibilities already confirmed on the web.

InfoCleaner's own malicious website is currently at InfoCleaner.co.kr, but there are dozens of other mirrors like infostop.kr, avaccine.co.kr and quickboan.co.kr. Visiting these sites is absolutely inadvisable, since the hackers behind InfoCleaner and its kin would be happy to steal your credit card number and anything else you can offer them. If you find your browser being redirected to such a site, consider it a symptom of infection and act accordingly.

If you've already given one of these websites personal information, you should call up the appropriate financial company and get all charges revoked and take steps to re-insure the security of your identity.

Consequences of InfoCleaner Infection

If this rogue security product creeps onto your hard drive, InfoCleaner will cause very obvious problems that make deleting an intuitively beneficial choice:

  • InfoCleaner will corrupt the Windows Registry to enable InfoCleaner's own startup whenever Windows boots. This is used in conjunction with forceful prompts for system scans which always indicate large amounts of infections. This makes it that much more difficult for you to access your desktop and other parts of your PC's interface, and fritters away your time with nonsensical scanner reports. InfoCleaner will be very obvious in its presentation to most non-Korean users, since InfoCleaner is likely to present itself in a Korean language interface.
  • InfoCleaner may also create desktop alerts and other errors, either in Korean or other languages, which may be used to block applications from running and are always inaccurate at best.
  • Since InfoCleaner will constantly try to force you to InfoCleaner's website to steal your personal information, this threat is a security risk by definition. InfoCleaner may not stop there, though, and may also alter various security settings to enable remote attacks or other forms of damage.

Regardless of what region you're in, InfoCleaner is a threat to those with unguarded computers or poor security settings. You should be ready to react to this PC threat rapidly and delete InfoCleaner as soon as InfoCleaner is seen to avoid any possible long-lasting harm.

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