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Posted: February 25, 2011

Some malware are simply uninspired copy-paste jobs of standard functions, but others, like Keylog-Perfect, go the extra mile in attacking innocent computers. Besides running at startup through registry changes, Keylog-Perfect can log keyboard input, capture screenshots, keep track of messages and emails and may even be a browser hijacker on top of all that! Any system victimized by Keylog-Perfect is so utterly lacking in basic privacy and protection that all content must be considered at risk. Deleting Keylog-Perfect is the only way you can go back to the good old days when you were able to decide who sees your confidential data again.

An Exhaustive Recitation of Just What Keylog-Perfect Can Do to You

The extent of Keylog-Perfect's spying capabilities are almost horrifically admirable in their sheer range, as you can see from below:

  • Keylog-Perfect will run constantly and in the background without requesting consent from the user. This is accomplished by changing your registry, which can result in complications when trying to remove Keylog-Perfect.
  • Keylog-Perfect is a keylogger. This is a standard spyware function that records all keyboard input regardless of whether you later save that data. Anything typed goes right in Keylog-Perfect's protected logs.
  • Keylog-Perfect will also capture screenshots of your computer's activities periodically. Anything that shows up on your screen is just as easy prey as anything your keyboard typed.
  • Keylog-Perfect may track your online activities, such as URLs visited, and add that information to its logs.
  • Keylog-Perfect can specifically capture instant messages, emails, and other popular message content. This spyware doesn't need you to type anything; Keylog-Perfect can simply directly yank the related information for storage and later transmission.
  • Keylog-Perfect can register a BHO or Browser Help Object to play at being a browser hijacker. Besides being spied on, you now will find yourself redirected from safe websites to malicious ones at the drop of a hat.

Keylog-Perfect may also be able to send emails for propagation or other purposes, based on a built-in SMTP client engine.

At the End of Keylog-Perfect's Wrong Doing List ? Paying the Piper

All information gathered by Keylog-Perfect is sent out to either an FPT server or an email address, with either one easily configurable for different remote attackers. Since Keylog-Perfect will make it impossible to stop this process while the malware remains active, deleting Keylog-Perfect is your only chance to free your computer from the attacker's prying eyes.

Keylog-Perfect may also be detected as Spyware.Perfect or not-a-virus:Monitor.Win32.Perflogger.ad by various security programs. While you needn't panic if the exact name of Keylog-Perfect doesn't show up in scan results, you should be careful to make certain every last trace of Keylog-Perfect is expelled. Otherwise, all the information you hold close to your chest could be spilled out for the benefit of criminals.

File System Modifications

  • The following files were created in the system:
    # File Name
    1 %PROGRAM_FILES%\Keylog-Perfect
    2 c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Keylog-Perfect\
    3 c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Keylog-Perfect\

Registry Modifications

  • The following newly produced Registry Values are: