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Posted: May 9, 2011

KidWatcher is spyware that markets itself as a tool for observing children, while they use the computer. Unlike most spyware, KidWatcher is open and honest about what KidWatcher does, except for the fact that KidWatcher hides from the children that are being monitored. However, uninstalling KidWatcher can be difficult, since the procedure requires a password that can easily be misplaced. Additionally, KidWatcher will continually take up system resources to perform KidWatcher's spying functions until you choose to remove KidWatcher from your computer. If you're having difficulty removing KidWatcher through the default uninstallation method, you may want to turn to anti-malware programs that will detect and delete KidWatcher as a spyware threat.

KidWatcher – Refreshingly Honest for a Spy

KidWatcher is memorable for being one of the very few forms of spyware that openly market themselves as such. KidWatcher's system compatibility range includes Windows 2000, Vista, XP, 98 and Me; since KidWatcher was last updated in 2009, further compatibility improvements or patches aren't likely to appear.

While active on your PC, KidWatcher will monitor activity in the following ways:

  • Screenshots are taken at intervals determined by the person who originally configured KidWatcher on the computer. Screen captures may particularly focus on active windows.
  • Keystrokes will be logged; what this means is that KidWatcher will record everything typed on the keyboard and then place that information into a log for later perusal. This includes passwords and other sensitive information.
  • KidWatcher can also be set to monitor which applications are in use, such as peer to peer downloading clients or games.
  • Lastly, KidWatcher may monitor your online activities, including your web searches, which sites you visit and which files you download.
Where KidWatcher's Honesty Fails

Despite KidWatcher's upfront features for whoever originally installs it, KidWatcher conceals itself from other PC users as thoroughly as any malicious program could ever hope to achieve. KidWatcher doesn't have a normal installation routine and will not appear in the Add/Remove program list.

KidWatcher may not even show up as a running memory process in Task Manager and has no externally visible components by default. Besides all of KidWatcher's spying features, KidWatcher will also take up system resources all the time due to being hidden and active on a nearly continual basis.

If you realize that KidWatcher is on your computer and don't want KidWatcher there, there is a default uninstallation routine – if you can find it! This uninstallation process requires a password, however.

If you lack the password for removing KidWatcher, you can always use a good anti-malware program. A high-quality scanner should be able to detect and delete KidWatcher without you needing to track down the original password.