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Smart Internet 2011

Posted: February 14, 2011

Smart Internet 2011 is rogue software that uses damaging and deceitful strategies to make computer users think their systems are brimming with infections. Once this is done, Smart Internet 2011 will imply that purchasing Smart Internet 2011 would allow the user to fix their computer at little expense and inconvenience. However, purchasing Smart Internet 2011 is actually putting your money up into criminal hands! Use traditional anti-malware tools with good reputations to delete Smart Internet 2011 and any infections that were enabled by it or enabled it. Only then should you give credence to any error messages, warnings, or system alerts you may see on your computer.

Smart Internet 2011's Ominous Start

Smart Internet 2011 may be downloaded by an innocent computer user not realizing that the product is actually a rogue scanner, but this isn't the primary means Smart Internet 2011 uses to get around. The most widespread distribution method Smart Internet 2011 has is through clandestine Trojan infections. These cause Smart Internet 2011 to be downloaded and installed without the system's user being directly aware. Since the spread of infections indicates a Russian origin, you should be more careful than usual when dealing with file sources from that region.

This behavior alone could cement Smart Internet 2011 as malware and a poor product, but the rogue scanner has far worse to offer than simply being uninvited in the first place!

The Smart Internet 2011 Invasion of Your System

After Smart Internet 2011 arrives on your system, your life will become one constant stream of error message and scanning prompts. The Smart Internet 2011 rogue scanner will essentially take over your computer due to the quantity and priority of its activities, along with causing problems that are less obvious. All of Smart Internet 2011's scans are without substance, and all of its error messages are fake. Don't allow the frequency or threatening nature of the messages to persuade you to do anything Smart Internet 2011 says, especially with regards to you giving its hacker creators your money.

Other problems you may face with Smart Internet 2011 inhabiting your system can encompass:

  • Altered Internet connection settings. Smart Internet 2011 has been known to alter the host system's settings to use a proxy server. This allows Smart Internet 2011 to hijack you browser and redirect you to dangerous websites.
  • Smart Internet 2011 may also outright disable some programs required to maintain the safety and privacy of your computer. Usual targets include Windows Task Manager and prominent known anti-malware scanning products.
  • Your system memory, hard drive space, and various other resources may be used up vastly out of proportion to what Smart Internet 2011 supposedly accomplishes.
  • Your browser may be interfered with in other ways besides the hijacks. You're also likely to be subjected to pop-ups and other forms of unwanted marketing that shove dangerous websites into your face.

All of these problems are fixable without any serious computer expertise, but Smart Internet 2011 is likely to exacerbate them if you let Smart Internet 2011 stick around for very long. Deleting Smart Internet 2011 promptly is the best way to prevent other errors from occurring and complicating straightforward anti-malware solutions.

Use SpyHunter to Detect and Remove PC Threats

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