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Posted: December 1, 2014

A2ztech.us is a fraudulent technical support domain with heavy involvement in online deceiving tactics, browser hijacking campaigns and other kinds of attacks. A2ztech.us may load automatic messages that claim that your PC has been infected by threatening software while promoting a related hotline as a supposed cure. Unprotected forms of contact with A2ztech.us also may instigate additional attacks that could install real threats onto your PC. As with any domain confirmed to be threatening, malware experts advise against visiting A2ztech.us, and encourage anti-malware scans for any PC that's forced to redirect to A2ztech.us, regardless of the nature of the redirection.

The Anti-Malware Support with Threats behind Its Back

Even as long ago as 2012, millions of dollars in damages have been associated with individual con artists providing fake technical support for 'damaged' PCs. The lucrativeness of this industry can be confirmed in its continual deployment up to the current day as malware researchers see with domains like A2ztech.us. A2ztech.us is unaffiliated with any legitimate technical support company, and always will display infected system warnings for any browser that loads its Web page.

Like other tactics of the same genre, A2ztech.us's primary motivation is to force the computer user to contact a 'technical support' hotline, where third parties may request that you make non-secure changes to your system settings. These attacks may be used to give them remote access to your PC, although malware experts also occasionally see them used to collect financial information or money without initiating a backdoor connection.

In most such scams, the computer user's misinformed consent is a mandatory step before any harm may befall your PC. However, malware experts also have verified that A2ztech.us may host threatening Web content, including scripts that may be used to install threats automatically. These attacks are preventable with robust anti-malware and browser security, but, when successful, may infect your computer without showing symptoms.

The Tech Support You won't Regret Using against A2ztech.us

Due to a recent rise in browser hijackers that promote this domain, A2ztech.us may load into your browser automatically. The last of these attacks that malware experts can confirm was in November of 2014, and included browser hijackers that targeted the Apple's Safari browser, as opposed to typical Windows brands. Due to the nature of the fake alerts hosted at A2ztech.us, it seems likely that the browser hijackers were designed and distributed by the same persons responsible for administrating the website. The recent development of these threats only emphasizes the necessity of updating security software to detect them.

The PC threats that may be responsible for initiating these browser changes are no better than threats that you should remove via standard anti-malware protocols. Since carelessly-enabled scripts and other content may allow A2ztech.us to infect your computer, malware experts also recommend paying attention to your browser's security settings. Naturally, all information sent to the 'technical support' at A2ztech.us's hotline should be assumed to be compromised and, therefore, ripe for exploitative use by third parties.

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