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Access Gov Docs Tab

Posted: March 2, 2020

The Access Gov Docs Tab is an extension to Web browsers that users may come across while trying to find a quick way to access regularly used government forms and documents. If you are one of these users, then we would like to inform you that there are many free online libraries that can provide you with such data free of charge. We also can tell you for certain that using the Access Gov Docs Tab to find government documents is not a bright idea since this add-on is categorized as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP), and its installation may bring undesired changes to your browser's configuration.

Complaints from users of Access Gov Docs Tab state that the extension tampers with their browser settings by replacing their default new tab page with Search.haccessgovdocs.com, and their search aggregator with Query.haccessgovdocs.com. While these changes are not unsafe, they may impair your ability to search the Web, and they often end up providing you with sub-par search results.

It is recommended to avoid using unknown browser add-ons whose installation is associated with undesired changes to your Web browser preferences. If you are experiencing the consequences of the Access Gov Docs Tab's installation already, then we advise you to take care of its removal by using a suitable PC security utility.