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AdBlockerPremium Ads

Posted: June 10, 2015

AdBlockerPremium is a misleading application claims to block all kinds of advertisements in your web browsers. In reality, AdBlockerPremium is the cause for an abundance of ads. AdBlockerPremium is classified as an adware-supported software that is distributed using questionable delivery methods such as bundling. Users might accidentally install AdBlockerPremium with freeware or shareware downloads or download it themselves from their official website at adblockerpremium.com. Either way, the AdBlockerPremium app is a misleading piece of software that only pretends to block ads. In reality, AdBlockerPremium is the reason for plenty of advertisements that might slow down your computer. Computer security experts advise users not to be misled by the way AdBlockerPremium is advertised and remove it.