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Posted: August 4, 2014

Adcash.com is an advertising network with a prolonged history involving various disreputable activities, including spam campaigns, questionable marketing techniques and even the distribution of threats. Since Adcash.com is blocked by many reputable sites, advertisers would do well to find alternative networks, and malware researchers would recommend that viewers of Adcash.com advertisements scan their PCs as a defense against any potential threat-related attacks. Meanwhile, Adcash.com pop-ups are recurring symptoms of the presence of adware or other PC threat that should be removed with as little delay as possible.

A Domain and Its Dirty Advertisement Money that isn't Worth Taking

Advertising networks are a sufficiently frequent sight that malware researchers usually only become interested in particularly standout examples of severe ones, such as Adcash.com. More than anything else, Adcash.com stands as a warning both to advertisers and their audiences that not all advertisement networks are created equally, particularly on the Internet. Adcash.com has yet to be identified as a threatening site by most PC security vendors, although malware experts have noted that Adcash.com has been blacklisted at many major websites, such as Facebook. Advertisers who use Adcash.com in their promotional efforts may, likewise, find themselves blocked until the Adcash.com-related content is removed.

Adcash.com claims to offer a CPM-based advertising model, although the financial reality of its business model is somewhat out of sync with its marketing material. Looking past that, malware researchers are interested in Adcash.com predominantly for its history of distributing unreliable software, AKA threats. Advertisements and links affiliated with Adcash.com have a greater than usual chance of including fake software updates, bundled downloaders, inaccurate system alerts requesting you to install new security products and other common attacks that are used to install unsafe software. In some cases, there also have been legitimate programs modified to include installation routines for unrelated programs, an illicit software-bundling tactic that may install unwanted software or threats.

Adcash.com also has been involved in spam campaigns, particularly ones that are implemented with repetitive pop-up advertisements. These campaigns sometimes are caused by adware programs, which malware researchers classify as low-level threats that should be uninstalled promptly.

Taking Your Advertisements and Audiences Elsewhere from Adcash.com

Adcash.com's content may include innocent advertisements from advertisers that are ignorant of Adcash.com's reputation, along with various types of unsafe advertisements. A sufficiently-canny PC user should assume the worst until proven otherwise, and use anti-malware protection along with advertisement-blocking features to protect themselves from any chance contact with Adcash.com. Above all, malware researchers warn against installing software from Adcash.com or giving partners of Adcash.com any kind of private information, due to the high risk that these actions have for compromising your PC or your confidential data.

Web browsers that begin to load Adcash.com should be deemed compromised. Good brands of anti-malware software should be able to eliminate Adcash.com hijackers or any similar threat without any undue incidents, especially if you use Safe Mode to prevent other PC threats from interfering with your system scans.