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Posted: April 5, 2012

Addedsuccess.com Screenshot 1Addedsuccess.com is a search engine that is associated with a browser hijacker. Browser hijackers that are affiliated with Addedsuccess.com may also promote other types of harmful websites, and you should always try to minimize any interaction with a site that's affiliated with Addedsuccess.com. Although you may be able to avoid triggering redirect attacks by avoiding certain websites, SpywareRemove.com malware research team prefers that you delete Addedsuccess.com-affiliated PC threats with qualified anti-malware applications since their presence can reduce your web browser's security.

Addedsuccess.com: A Site with a Plan for Twisting Your Searches into Pluses for Its Own Success

Although Addedsuccess.com claims to be powered by Google and pretends to offer useful search results, Addedsuccess.com doesn't have an interest in displaying any type of content that doesn't generate money for its partners. Since Addedsuccess.com is unlikely to consider your safety with its results, it's recommended that you to avoid both Addedsuccess.com and any site that's promoted by Addedsuccess.com. Some related websites that are promoted by the same browser hijackers as Addedsuccess.com include Happili.com, Asdvd.info and Givemeanswers.org.

Backing up Addedsuccess.com's search engine is a toolbar product that Addedsuccess.com recommends that you install, supposedly to have Addedsuccess.com's search functions at your fingertips twenty-four seven. If you trust Addedsuccess.com's software, however, in addition to a toolbar, your browser will also receive a hijacker that redirects you from unrelated search sites to Addedsuccess.com. Some variants of a browser hijacker for Addedsuccess.com may also promote similar types of hoax-based search sites, or cause other side effects, such as pop-ups.

Since exposure to hostile and risky sites that can be caused by Addedsuccess.com-related browser hijackers may result in other PC threats being installed, SpywareRemove.com malware experts suggest that you resort to appropriate treatment for disinfecting a browser hijacker as soon as you notice redirects to Addedsuccess.com and related sites. Although Addedsuccess.com's toolbar may be uninstalled through manual means, manual removal isn't likely to remove the components that are responsible for your browser redirects, which should be deleted by trustworthy anti-malware programs.

You should consider updating your anti-malware software to protect against Addedsuccess.com-aligned browser hijackers if your sofware is using a spyware database that's outdated. However, the actual removal of Addedsuccess.com's toolbar and related PC threats should be unproblematic, especially if you use Safe Mode or other techniques to disable malicious software before you scan your computer.

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