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Posted: May 21, 2015

Threat Metric

Threat Level: 2/10
Infected PCs: 27
First Seen: April 16, 2015
OS(es) Affected: Windows

AddToThis is classified as an adware application that may be embedded into popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. AddToThis claims to provide useful features related to users' browsing experience, but in reality, AddToThis is yet another adware that promotes commercial advertisements. Ads by AddToThis are often considered intrusive, due to the amount and frequency they are displayed. Advertising materials presented by AddToThis are based on collected information from your browsing history. Therefore, AddToThis ads are considered unreliable, despite the fact that they seem appealing to users. Regardless of the fact that the advertisements seem like good deals, AddToThis ads are tailored and used as a platform for redirecting users to questionable websites. Also, AddToThis ads are known to decrease the performance levels of your computer, and it is recommended to remove it from your PC.