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Posted: August 21, 2013

Directly visiting the Adorika website is not harmful to your PC, but being exposed to advertisements on Adorika's network always is a good reason to scan your computer with anti-malware tools, and SpywareRemove.com malware experts particularly recommend being cautious about attempts to force you to install fraudulent software, including Registry cleaners, AV programs and anti-spyware scanners. Besides the usual recommendation of having strong anti-malware solutions, you also may want to consider both baseline and plugin-added browser security measures as protection against Adorika advertisements and similar PC threats.

The Not-So-Adorable Content of Adorika's Advertising

A brief glance at Adorika may lead you to estimate that Adorika is little different from any other online advertising platform. However, there have been disturbing details that included connections to spam campaigns and the distribution of mid-range malicious software. Adorika's drive-by-downloads primarily center on scamware, including rogue anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware scanners. While the symptoms of an infection derived from Adorika's advertisements are variable between cases, some issues to be expected include:

  • Various methods of terminating other applications or otherwise blocking them without your permission. Most such attacks are accompanied by inaccurate pop-up alerts that claim that the inaccessible program is compromised (and, therefore, supposedly was closed for your protection).
  • Browser hijacks that may block other sites or redirect you. Fake anti-malware products often use browser hijacks to promote their own products with misleading warning pages.
  • Pop-up warnings that deliver inaccurate information about your PC's state of security, including warnings about nonexistent attacks or malware infections (often referencing high-level threats such as banking Trojans and other forms of spyware).

In all cases, any software installed through Adorika's advertising network should be considered potentially harmful to your computer. This is true even if you've installed what appears to be a legitimate update – since authentic software companies don't use advertising networks to distribute patches. Examples of PC threats abusing the latter scam include the 'Please Install HD Player to Continue' Virus, 'You need to update your version of media player' Virus and the 'Update your browser' Message.

Giving Adorika Its Due Level of Adoration: None at All

Advertisements related to Adorika always pose the risk of being used as infection vectors, whether they request you to install software deliberately or attempt to deliver their payloads without your permission (and many drive-by-downloads will attempt both strategies simultaneously). Contact with Adorika's advertisements or other Adorika browser problems always should be responded to with updated anti-malware programs that are well-equipped for removing fake anti-virus applications and other forms of scamware that often use such distribution methods. SpywareRemove.com malware experts particularly recommend doing so with reasonable speed since fake anti-malware programs often include functions for downloading and installing even more malware besides themselves.

Malicious advertisements like those from Adorika's network often use a variety of software exploits and vulnerabilities to deliver their payloads. Blocking advertisements in general, disabling Flash and disabling JavaScript may significantly reduce if not totally eliminate the potential avenues for attack through Adorika and other toxic advertisement sites.