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Ads by Adrail

Posted: August 22, 2019

Adrail is the name of a piece of software that may plant itself on your computer silently. However, it does not stop here – it will also apply some changes to the system and browser settings to grant itself permission to insert advertisements in various Web pages, as well as to make use of the browser's ability to show notifications. The latter also may be used to push marketing content and advertisements to users who have the Adrail software running on their computers.

Sometimes it may be easy to spot Adrail's presence since its advertisements will be labeled 'Ads by Adrail' or 'Adrail Ads' – if you encounter this message in unwanted advertisements, then we advise you to run a PC security tool that can help you identify the intrusive application and eliminate it.

Adrail should not be mistaken for a harmful application – it does not carry out any unsafe actions, but its presence on your computer might turn out to be a bothersome experience due to Adrail's ability to display a wide range of 'Ads by Adrail' whenever you use your Web browser. This program is classified as adware so that you can rest assured that an up-to-date security tool should be capable of dealing with it with ease.