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Posted: July 7, 2014

Threat Metric

Threat Level: 1/10
Infected PCs: 426
First Seen: July 7, 2014
Last Seen: June 3, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Ads By Vidx is a media add-on for your browser that claims to offer codec updates, which may be essential for playing movie files (both ones that are streamed and ones that are downloaded to your hard drive). While Ads By Vidx may provide some improvements to your video-playing experiences, Ads By Vidx also makes changes to your browser for the express, and unnecessary purpose of delivering potentially unsafe advertisements. In most cases, removing Ads By Vidx, and all other adware, is guaranteed to make your browser a safer and more stable application, and malware experts see no point in recommending anything else for this product.

Seeing a Little Something Extra with Your Videos

As evidenced by the continuing boom of sites like YouTube and its competitors, online videos are very favored forms of online content available today. On the other end of things, for many PC users, the process of having updated software to play such content remains a relatively arcane and obtuse process. Ads By Vidx is one of the adware products that take advantage of this lack of clarity to offer their users video updates with no hassle – but also, unneeded advertisements.

Under the pretense of offering universal codec updates that will enable high-quality video playback, Ads By Vidx changes your Web browsers to display advertising content automatically. Such advertisements usually are injected into Web pages automatically, thus modifying their content in unintended ways. These advertisements are, as you might anticipate, frequently identifiable through their tags: Ads By Vidx.

Although adware like Ads By Vidx does not always endanger your PC, their advertisements may be exploited by third parties, who may deliver PC threats through fake updates, contest hoaxes and similar attacks. Due to the poor reputations of such advertisement networks, malware experts find that deleting Ads By Vidx, like all adware, is safer than letting Ads By Vidx stay on your computer for questionable advantages. Browser lag and problems with accessing Web page interfaces also may result from the modifications made by Ads By Vidx, which aren't intended by the original websites.

The Removal of a Browser Video Downgrade

Besides the ever-accompanying security problems of a browser add-on that loads advertisements automatically, Ads By Vidx also has historically been difficult to uninstall, more so than any valid application would warrant. For the safest means of keeping your video codecs updated, malware researchers would recommend using specific codecs from reputable sources, rather than using a single 'one size fits all' codec package that doesn't specify which formats it supports. It also should be stressed that legitimate codec updates do not need to bundle with browser add-ons, extensions or toolbars like the aforementioned Vidx.

In all cases, advertising add-ons that put your browser and computer at risk should be thought of as Potentially Unwanted Programs, whose removal only can benefit your machine. Since Ads By Vidx may fail to delete its advertising changes along with the rest of its program, Ads By Vidx may need to be removed by dedicated anti-adware removal tools. However, malware researchers have not rated Ads By Vidx as a high-level threat, and normal system scans should be more than sufficient for deleting Ads By Vidx and the advertisements that Ads By Vidx promotes.

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