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Posted: February 20, 2017

AdSentinel is an adware application that also may be spotted under the name 'RealTimeLeads.' This small piece of software works by redirecting the user's traffic through a custom Privoxy server, which makes sure that the user's Web request is returned with some ads added to the page. This advertising method is very intrusive, and software that is associated with it should be removed as soon as possible since it may have an adverse impact on the user's Web browsing experience.

The installation of AdSentinel may occur without the user's knowledge because no sane computer user would agree to install a program that has nothing good to offer. That's why the people behind AdSentinel may often pay small software publishers to include this tool in software bundles. The installation of AdSentinel through software bundle is entirely optional, but in many cases, the authors of these bundles may use misleading instructions and other confusing techniques whose goal is to trick the end-user into accepting to install AdSentinel unknowingly. Although seeing some ads may not seem like a big deal, the AdSentinel software can change a page's layout entirely, as well as redirect users to other websites automatically. While this program, in particular, does not use this for unsafe purposes at the moment, there's no way to guarantee that this will not change in the future. What now looks like a minor annoyance, may become a major security threat in the future, and this is why AdSentinel's removal is strongly recommended.

AdSentinel is often found under the name 'AdSentinel.exe,' but deleting this file manually may not always bring the same results. The recommended way to deal with AdSentinel is to run a reputable anti-malware tool that will help you locate and purge all files linked to this adware application.