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Posted: November 21, 2016

Advancecomputerzone.online is a corrupted website whose purpose is to promote a fake technical support that may be used to collect money from non-suspecting computer users. The scheme works by blocking the user's Web browser with a deceptive pop-up that tells them that their computers have been infected by threats, and their photos, passwords, chat logs and other data may be exposed to third parties if they opt to close this window. In addition to this, Advancecomputerzone.online also may display the fake 'Error #268D3' Pop-Ups, which report a made-up error code that is not associated with any reputable software or operating system. Unsurprisingly, Advancecomputerzone.online is not the only domain name used to promote this fraudulent scheme, and there are several other websites that feature the same design, same error code, but they may tell visitors to call an entirely different phone number.

Advancecomputerpro.online, Advancecomputerstar.online, Advancecomputerstudio.online, Advancecomputerzone.online and Advancecomputerweb.online are some of the other domains linked to Advancecomputerzone.online, and the phone numbers they promote are the following: 888-328-0471, 888-417-0191, and +61-1800-940-86. In the meantime, the phone number that can be seen on the fraudulent page hosted at Advancecomputerzone.online is +44-800-090-3843, which is based in the United Kingdom.

Calling +44-800-090-3843 will not get you the help that Advancecomputerzone.online promises. Instead, you'll be welcomed by con artists who'll attempt to convince you that you need to pay a high price if you want to have your computer fixed up. In most cases, the people behind pages like Advancecomputerzone.online try to make their scheme sound legitimate by telling users that they need to pay the money in exchange for a computer software or the help of certified technical support experts. However, we assure you that the number +44-800-090-3843 is not linked to any reputable provider of technical support services, nor is it linked to a reputable software company. The sole purpose of Advancecomputerzone.online and the phone number that it promotes is to attempt to take money from users by disturbing their browsing experience and lying to them by telling them that they need to pay the price to have 'threats' removed from their computers.