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Adware Generic6.NR

Posted: December 25, 2014

Adware Generic6.NR is classified as a threat associated with adware or Potentially Unwanted Programs. In most cases, infection with Adware Generic6.NR happens when users download a free application, as they are often bundled with PUPs or adware related programs. However, once your computer is infected with Adware Generic6.NR, you may notice that it starts running rather sluggishly. Moreover, users infected with Adware Generic6.NR might experience difficulties in their browsing experience due to constant redirects to possibly dangerous websites. Getting infected with unwanted programs such as Adware Generic6.NR might also lead to collecting information about your online habits and history that might later be presented to third parties for marketing purposes and generating targeted commercial ads. Advertisements generated by Adware Generic6.NR may drive you crazy as they tend to be quite annoying.