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Adware Generic_S.DP

Posted: November 24, 2014

Threat Metric

Threat Level: 1/10
Infected PCs: 26
First Seen: November 24, 2014
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Adware Generic_S.DP is a general detection for advertising browser add-ons, particularly ones that persist in memory, regardless of whether or not you're browsing the Web actively. Since Adware Generic_S.DP may use your system's resources without any benefits to you, and even may endanger your PC with corrupted advertisements, malware experts classify Adware Generic_S.DP as a Potentially Unwanted Program. To delete Adware Generic_S.DP and many other PUPs, you should reboot into Safe Mode to conduct the anti-adware system scans most easily capable of dealing with unwanted software.

The Problem of an Invisible Advertisement Program

Adware Generic_S.DP is software that modifies your browser to launch advertising content. These advertisements may or may not be distinguishable as separate from any normal website content and may include formats such as pop-up windows, text-based hyperlinks and injected banners. Since Adware Generic_S.DP, as a label, may apply to more than one brand of adware, other symptoms between individual Adware Generic_S.DP installations are potentially variable. Most advertisements from all adware, including Adware Generic_S.DP add-ons have few to no benefits for their viewers, but may endanger your browser by forcibly loading potentially harmful content or modifying a Web page's structure in unanticipated ways.

Although legitimate add-ons should launch and terminate with your browser, many individual Adware Generic_S.DP samples may maintain constant memory processes. This function allows Adware Generic_S.DP to be active even if your browser isn't open, using up RAM and, potentially bandwidth. In most cases, this function was reserved for automated updating processes, which also may run the risk of endangering your browser by adding undesirable functions to Adware Generic_S.DP. Similar exploits also may be used by Trojans and some other threatening software, in addition to other types of PUPs.

Adware Generic_S.DP does not always include any visible changes to your browser's interface that would make any identification of the origin of its advertising content straightforward. Rather than detecting adware through superficial browser changes, you should use dedicated anti-adware tools to do so, particularly after any repeated exposure to unwanted or unusual browser advertisements.

Ridding Your Browser of the Adware that doesn't Want to be Uninstalled

Many adware programs make claims of being real, beneficial products, but make these statements by using non-consensual means of installing themselves and maintaining their presence on your PC. Adware Generic_S.DP is a case in point of the latter behavior; malware researchers verified that many versions of Adware Generic_S.DP failed to provide obvious software entries to allow their easy removal to take place. In cases of adware that avoid normal deletion methods, you should use anti-adware products that have good histories for deleting PUPs that try to maintain their presence.

Adware may be installed through mistakes made by the PC's user, such as careless downloads of files from free software hosts or legally questionable file-sharing networks. Thankfully, malware researchers have found that many adware installers see high detection rates from anti-adware programs. However, avoiding all online file sources of shaky legitimacy may be the easiest way to keep Adware Generic_S.DP out of any Web browser.

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