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Posted: June 2, 2014

Threat Metric

Ranking: 3,865
Threat Level: 1/10
Infected PCs: 6,968
First Seen: June 2, 2014
Last Seen: October 16, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Adware:Win32/Windupdates.L is an adware threat that may claim to make online shopping experience better for PC users. After installation on the computer system, Adware:Win32/Windupdates.L may create and show intrusive random pop-up advertisements, banners and messages on the PC including various discount coupons, offers, sales and deals, or the ones related to the computer user's Internet surfing habits. The pop-up ads and messages of Adware:Win32/Windupdates.L may occur if this adware finds out that the PC user is surfing online shopping websites; therefore, some computer users may think that the pop-up advertisements and banners from Adware:Win32/Windupdates.L are components of the website they visit. If the PC user clicks on any pop-up messages, banners or ads delivered by Adware:Win32/Windupdates.L, he may get constantly rerouted to questionable websites that may be commercial and created to probably gain benefit from increased traffic of the sponsored website and ad clicks.

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Additional Information

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