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Agent Tesla

Posted: May 20, 2019

Agent Tesla is the name of a dangerous info stealer that is being sold publicly, and its authors are trying to convince the public that this tool is not used with malicious intent – instead, the disclaimer published by the authors states that the software is for personal use, and should not be used to access computers without the permission of their owners. They also warn potential buyers that any involvement in harmful activity would result in the termination of their subscription. So far, so good, right? However, researchers analyzing the situation with Agent Tesla noticed that the support system (hosted on Discord) that Agent Tesla uses was mostly used to teach customers on how to evade anti-virus software, exploit vulnerabilities or bind the program with legitimate file formats like documents, images, etc. It is clear that despite all the disclaimers, the true purpose of the Agent Tesla malware is to provide attackers with access to sensitive data stored on their victim’s computer.

Even though the Agent Tesla malware is not free, the last report shows that there were over 6,300 individuals who opted to pay for one of the subscription plans offered on the Agent Tesla’s website – these plans start from $15/month and go up to $69/month.

The features that the Agent Tesla malware holds are pretty fascinating – it is able to collect passwords from popular Web browsers, email clients and FTP software. Furthermore, it can perform form-grabbing attacks, as well as capture keystrokes and clipboard data. Last but not least, the remote attacker might use the Agent Tesla software to record screenshots and videos of the compromised computer’s desktop.

What makes Agent Tesla threatening exceptionally is that it is affordable and easy to operate – its authors have set up a very easy-to-use administration panel that would allow cybercriminals to configure and operate Agent Tesla swiftly, even if they lack prior experience in the hacking field.

Protecting yourself from Agent Tesla and similar threats is crucial since these threats may need just a few hours to capture enough sensitive information that would enable the attackers to collect money, files, and accounts or spy on private conversations. Naturally, one of the most important security measures you need to take is to keep your anti-virus software running and up-to-date at all times. Additionally, you should be more wary of the websites you browse and remember not to download files from unknown sources.