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Posted: October 11, 2011

Ave99.com is another form of a bog-standard search engine hijacker that steals traffic from Google and other types of popular search engines to drive revenue to Ave99.com's own site. SpywareRemove.com malware experts have found that Ave99.com, although Ave99.com looks like a legitimate shopping site, doesn't provide genuine search results of its own and will redirect you to irrelevant sites or even right back to Google. Because Ave99.com browser hijackers lack a distinctly-defined method of propagation, you should practice basic online safety procedures to protect yourself from potential Ave99.com attacks. If you find that your PC has come into contact with Ave99.com, you should scan your computer for potential infections to remove any Ave99.com browser hijackers, before other dangers are introduced to your system.

Ave99.com: Offering Over Ninety-Nine Links with Less Than One Percent of Value

Ave99.com advertises itself in the form of a supposedly helpful search engine for online shopping. However, like many other types of fraudulent search engine sites (such as Globasearch.com, quick-search-results.com, search-netsite.com, Search.babylon.com or Morsearch.com), Ave99.com only pretends to offer search results of interest, and, actually, prefers to redirect you to unrelated websites or advertisements. This traffic, while not useful for your search queries, puts money in the pockets of Ave99.com's web masters while Ave99.com simultaneously wastes your time.

Since Ave99.com doesn't have any real search engine features to encourage people to use Ave99.com voluntarily, Ave99.com uses browser hijacker attacks to force people to pay visits. SpywareRemove.com malware experts have noted that Ave99.com's browser hijackers can also be a side effect of other infections, including Alureon Trojans, TDSS rootkits or TDL3 rootkits. Common signs of Ave99.com infection-related attacks can include:

  • Being redirected to Ave99.com, after you attempt to use a search engine or click the link of a search result.
  • An inability to change various browser settings, such as your proxy server usage and your designated homepage.
  • Pop-ups that display advertisements or unusual warning messages.
  • Links that have been added to text content on sites that normally lack such links; these links are typically another form of advertisement and shouldn't be clicked.

Side effects that are caused by rootkits and Trojans that are related to Ave99.com attacks, may also attack your computer's security, install other types of malicious software (such as fake anti-virus scanners, keyloggers or spambots) or create backdoors that allow criminals to control your PC.

Crossing Ave99.com Out of Your Search Engine List and Off of Your PC

Since Ave99.com browser hijackers are a fairly recent innovation, you may need to install the latest updates for threat definitions to enable your anti-malware programs to detect an Ave99.com infection. SpywareRemove.com malware researchers also recommend booting your PC in Safe Mode to encrease the chance of detecting high-level threats such as TDSS rootkits; Safe Mode can be accessed on any Windows PC by tapping F8 to open the alternate boot menu while your PC is rebooting.

Contact with Ave99.com can cause your PC to become infected by a browser hijacker or a related PC threat, and you should avoid even brief visits to Ave99.com once your computer is clean. In the future, keeping tight browser security settings that disable malicious scripts can help you to avoid Ave99.com-related drive-by-download attacks.

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