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Posted: September 30, 2013

Avg.nation.com Screenshot 1Avg.nation.com is a search site that provides poor-accuracy search results and promotes the services of its affiliated browser add-on, the AVG Nation Toolbar. Malware researchers have categorized Avg.nation.com's toolbar as a PUP due to its unnecessary browser changes and the overall poor functionality of its home site. Although Avg.nation.com provides uninstall instructions for its add-on, many installations of the AVG Nation Toolbar fail to undo all of their browser changes (such as homepage hijacks) when removed by the provided methods, forcing the recommendation of reliable anti-malware products for deleting any Avg.nation.com-related add-on from your browser.

A Web-Browsing United Under the Avg.nation.com's Toolbar... with or without the Citizens' Approval

Search engine sites are even cheaper than a dime a dozen around the Web, and Avg.nation.com gives very few reasons why you might want to use its services in lieu of those of a competitor. While Avg.nation.com's results aren't always inaccurate; many of Avg.nation.com's listings repeat themselves or provide redirects to sites that are of questionable relevance to the search terms. On the bright side, Avg.nation.com may be thanked for, at least, not promoting drive-by-downloads or other types of hostile Web content that would harm your computer.

Normally, you never would encounter Avg.nation.com unless, for whatever reason, you chose to use its search services willingly. However, Avg.nation.com also has added its own toolbar into the mix, a browser add-on that's happy to redirect your browser to Avg.nation.com whenever you perform a Web search or try to visit your homepage. These browser changes completely ignore your normal browser's settings with regards to your search engines and homepages, and also tended to remain intact even after you've deleted the Avg.nation.com toolbar.

Pulling Your Browser out of the Nation that Subjugates Your Web-Browsing Decisions

The majority of the time, any programs that choose your own homepage or default search engines for themselves should be treated as non-beneficial software that should be deleted within a reasonably short period of time. Some secondary formats of Avg.nation.com hijackers have been seen that modify your browser without installing the associated toolbar, making redirects to Avg.nation.com a potential issue from two separate directions. In either case, anti-malware products should be able to delete the associated software and remove the browser changes that redirect you to Avg.nation.com without your consent.

As a general note of caution, you usually should be skeptical of sites like Avg.nation.com that claim that their main feature mandates the installation of some form of software, particularly browser toolbars. These prerequisites usually aren't related to any advantages that the site might provide your browser and, instead, are intended to monetize your traffic without giving you anything in return. Browser add-ons related to these sites usually are categorized as Potentially Unwanted Programs, adware or even browser hijackers, and SpywareRemove.com malware experts recommend their uninstallation in almost all circumstances.

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