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Posted: March 2, 2016

ExtenBro.AK is a backdoor Trojan that may cause all kinds of problems if it manages to infect a computer. ExtenBro.AK may be distributed with the assistance of fake browser and software updates whose purpose is to induce users into believing they are downloading a legitimate security program. However, upon execution of the infected file, users may allow the ExtenBro.AK backdoor Trojan to drop its threatening payload on their computers and start its harmful operations. ExtenBro.AK may allow cyber crooks to gain access to the user's computer configuration, Web browser settings, saved files, and other data that must not be accessible by anyone.

ExtenBro.AK may be used as a gateway that allows cyber crooks to drop other threats on the targeted computer. This backdoor Trojan is exceptionally threatening because of its tendency to work silently in the background without giving away its presence in any way. The best way to shield your PC from ExtenBro.AK and other threats that may accompany it is to download and install a reputable anti-malware software suite. Furthermore, you should learn how to browse the Web safely by avoiding compromised Web pages, potentially harmful websites, and bogus e-mail messages that also may be used to distribute ExtenBro.AK