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Posted: May 27, 2016

Threat Metric

Threat Level: 6/10
Infected PCs: 15
First Seen: May 27, 2016
OS(es) Affected: Windows

BackDoor.TeamViewer is a Trojan that disguises itself within your PC as a component of the TeamViewer remote desktop application. Unlike TeamViewer, itself, BackDoor.TeamViewer's functions focus on using its network connections to convert the infected system into a proxy server for illegal Web content. Removing BackDoor.TeamViewer and any unwanted software related to it should use anti-malware programs also capable of detecting its installer, which may disguise itself as a software update.

How BackDoor.TeamViewer Gets Your PC to Play for the Wrong Team

Normally-legal programs also may turn towards threatening goals, which is an unfortunate truth malware analysts see repeated in abuses of TeamViewer. The remote access features provided by this product may encourage con artists to use BackDoor.TeamViewer as a de facto backdoor Trojan. However, with the new BackDoor.TeamViewer, con artists have found new uses for the product.

Their campaign distributes the Trojan with the help of a dedicated installer, Trojan.MulDrop6. This preliminary threat deploys itself through an unofficial Flash update that includes a fully-functional Flash installer, possibly distracting victims from the placement of additional programs on their PCs. As per its name, BackDoor.TeamViewer installs itself as a replacement for a default component of TeamViewer, which also is part of the dropper's payload.

The installation routine hides the default TeamViewer icon and other, visible aspects of the app while taking advantage of TeamViewer's default behavior to trick the program into running BackDoor.TeamViewer instead of a safe DLL file. BackDoor.TeamViewer's primary function doesn't attack the PC user directly, except by using system's resources for relaying Web traffic provided by its Command & Control server. In effect, the computer becomes a proxy server, making it difficult for legal authorities to track down the IP addresses of the con artists associated with the traffic.

A Clear View of Safety from BackDoor.TeamViewer

Rejecting Flash updates not derived from official, Adobe-endorsed sources may block most manual installation techniques known of having associations with the BackDoor.TeamViewer campaign. PC users who use TeamViewer routinely or have other reasons for having this product on their computers may wish to compare the characteristics of their avicap32.dll files (the component the Trojan replaces) with official numbers for potential discrepancies. However, con artists used to working with TeamViewer may take various measures for concealing their attacks. Consequentially, malware experts warn against assuming that BackDoor.TeamViewer infections will include any visible software changes.

The implicit features of any installation of TeamViewer also make it likely that con artists could exploit your PC for other purposes, such as using BackDoor.TeamViewer for collecting information, changing settings or downloading threatening content. While the official TeamViewer program is a powerful and legal piece of software, its unwanted presence, or presence with suspicious modifications like BackDoor.TeamViewer is a very typical indication of a threat infection.

Anti-malware scans provided by quality anti-malware products should be able to detect and delete either BackDoor.TeamViewer or Trojan.MulDrop6. However, as with any new threat, malware experts caution that outdated security software could fail to detect or completely remove BackDoor.TeamViewer, Updating security programs regularly and avoiding Flash links not provided directly by Adobe still are two of the best defenses any PC operator can put to use.

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