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Posted: December 12, 2016

Bigslide.ru is a Russian website that hosts a large collection of PowerPoint presentations concerning a broad range of topics and categories. However, a sub-directory on Bigslide.ru also hosts a low-quality search engine that may be related to an aggressive browser hijacker that may modify a Web browser's configuration automatically so that it redirects users to Bigslide.ru/i/start.html whenever they perform certain options such as attempting to load their homepage or open a new tab. While this is not a major issue, it is certainly a significant inconvenience, since it forces users to use an unfamiliar search engine whose reliability is not guaranteed.

At the moment, the search engine hosted on Bigslide.ru/i/start.html uses a custom Google search field, which means that all visitors will see the same results they would see on Google. However, the customized search engine also means that all search results may be accompanied by Google ads which, while not threatening, are an inconvenience since the original Google Search function rarely displays them.

The browser hijacker linked to Bigslide.ru/i/start.html may be acquired from a number of locations, but its most likely source are low-quality software bundles that offer users the ability to 'enhance their Web browsing experience' by installing 3rd-party browser extensions. These extensions may often ask for the user's permission to change their new tab page or homepage, and many people might agree to this mistakenly. If your homepage or new tab page has been set to Bigslide.ru/i/start.html and you wish to reverse this change, then we advise you to review your list of installed browser extensions and remove any unknown or suspicious entries. If this is not an option, then we suggest that you use a reputable anti-malware software suite to scan and clean your computer, since browser hijackers are low-level threats that anti-malware scanners are able to deal with.