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Posted: March 12, 2013

BKDR_ANDROM.DA is a new variant of the Andromeda Trojan that's been seen most prominently throughout Australia and Turkey (although other countries also have been attacked, albeit to a lesser degree). As an update to old versions of Andromeda, BKDR_ANDROM.DA includes the same basic features that criminals may use to control your PC, steal personal information or install other malware, but also has extra features for evading detection, analysis and removal. SpywareRemove.com malware experts recommend using the most advanced anti-malware software available for deleting BKDR_ANDROM.DA, which is a high-level (and heavily reconfigurable) danger to your PC.

BKDR_ANDROM.DA: the Newest Star-Themed Intruder into Your Computer

While previous examples of Andromeda Trojans like BKDR_ANDROM.NTW, BKDR_ANDROM.P and BDS/Andromeda.EB.6 have been more than credible threats to any Windows computer, BKDR_ANDROM.DA shows that the Andromeda botnet's development is far from finished. This new version of Andromeda has been seen attacking various countries, with Australia being the most widely affected. SpywareRemove.com malware experts have, as usual, connected BKDR_ANDROM.DA's infection vectors to spam e-mail messages that encourage victims to expose their browser to Blackhole Exploit Kit-compromised sites. These attacks install BKDR_ANDROM.DA without your consent by abusing a wide range of software vulnerabilities, some of which may be considered 'zero day' (or not yet corrected by security patches).

BKDR_ANDROM.DA keeps the same module-based structure that previous versions of Andromeda used. This allows any particular BKDR_ANDROM.DA infection to load different modules for different attacks and also lets BKDR_ANDROM.DA to confuse some anti-malware products. SpywareRemove.com malware researchers particularly warn of the following attacks from BKDR_ANDROM.DA:

  • BKDR_ANDROM.DA may spread through USB devices that are shared between a BKDR_ANDROM.DA-infected computer and an uninfected one.
  • BKDR_ANDROM.DA may open network ports without your permission for the purpose of allowing criminals to have backdoor access to your computer.
  • BKDR_ANDROM.DA can install other malware without your consent and also takes steps specifically to make your PC more vulnerable to malware than normal (by abusing features of the Windows Command Shell)
  • BKDR_ANDROM.DA may steal information that's typed on your keyboard via keylogging attacks.
  • BKDR_ANDROM.DA also may monitor online forms (such as those used to store passwords) and steal relevant information that can be used to break into your Web accounts.

Dimming BKDR_ANDROM.DA's Evil Shine on Your PC

Appropriate e-mail precautions can prevent your computer from getting infected by BKDR_ANDROM.DA, and SpywareRemove.com malware researchers urge residents of noticeably-affected countries to take special care with respect to following unusual links, visiting suspicious sites or launching unusual files. BKDR_ANDROM.DA is a high-level threat that can inject malicious code into normal processes, use rootkit techniques to compromise the boot-loading functions of your computer and evade basic anti-malware software.

However, advanced and updated anti-malware products should be able to remove BKDR_ANDROM.DA, which is a well-defined PC threat. Due to BKDR_ANDROM.DA's multiple-component nature and its ability to load different files for different purposes, any system scans for removing BKDR_ANDROM.DA always should be as thorough as possible.

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