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Posted: July 4, 2013

BKDR_KRIDEX.KA is a variant of the Cridex Trojan which, similar to Zeus, includes backdoor Trojan capabilities along with other functions designed around stealing confidential information – especially bank account logins. As a high-level PC threat, BKDR_KRIDEX.KA should be avoided at all costs and removed by anti-malware tools without delay in any case of infection. Current infection methods for BKDR_KRIDEX.KA Trojans utilize spam e-mail and Trojan droppers to install BKDR_KRIDEX.KA through fake Pinterest notifications. With this knowledge in hand, SpywareRemove.com malware researchers emphasize that avoiding suspicious e-mail links – even from messages that claim to be from a well-known company – always is a good security practice.

How Updating Security Too Quickly Can Accomplish the Opposite of Your Intentions

Proper maintenance of password security is very necessary for protecting your online accounts, but BKDR_KRIDEX.KA ironically has made use of infection methods that take advantage of PC users who are aware of the importance of protected passwords – but unaware of the danger posed by fraudulent e-mail. BKDR_KRIDEX.KA's attacks start off with e-mail messages that are formatted to look like notifications from the Pinterest social networking site, claiming that your password has been updated. The e-mail provides links that supposedly are for viewing your new password or resetting your password entirely, but these links redirect their victims to malicious sites.

The sites in question launch a malicious PDF file, TROJ_PIDIEF.USR, which is a Trojan dropper for BKDR_KRIDEX.KA. BKDR_KRIDEX.KA is installed without any other interaction on the part of the PC user, and can cause various system changes that may disable many of your PC's security features. SpywareRemove.com malware experts also note two other major risks related to a BKDR_KRIDEX.KA infection, which shows features similar to those of other Cridex Trojans (like Win32/Cridex.AA and Cridex-B):

  • BKDR_KRIDEX.KA may enable criminals to control your PC directly through a Command & Control server.
  • BKDR_KRIDEX.KA may act to steal personal information, especially information related to your online banking activities.
  • BKDR_KRIDEX.KA may use worm propagation strategies to infect PCs over local networks or infect removable devices (most commonly various forms of USB devices), which may, in turn, infect other PCs when they're shared.

The Magic Word that Stops BKDR_KRIDEX.KA from Passing Along All Your Info

BKDR_KRIDEX.KA, like all members of the Cridex family, is a high-level PC threat, and SpywareRemove.com malware researchers strongly recommend nothing less than a substantial anti-malware program for deleting BKDR_KRIDEX.KA infections safely. Because BKDR_KRIDEX.KA is designed for stealth and spyware-related attacks, you should not anticipate any major symptoms related to a BKDR_KRIDEX.KA infection regardless of how much potential there is for lost data.

However, while knowing how to get rid of BKDR_KRIDEX.KA is admirable, avoiding a BKDR_KRIDEX.KA infection is preferable from a PC security point-of-view. If you must interact with e-mail links that may be compromised or fraudulent, SpywareRemove.com malware experts recommend scanning such Web addresses with appropriate anti-malware tools prior to loading them.

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