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Posted: September 16, 2013

Threat Metric

Threat Level: 2/10
Infected PCs: 32
First Seen: September 16, 2013
OS(es) Affected: Windows

BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG is one of the newest variants of Sykipot, a long-lived and often-updated backdoor Trojan that's noted for its history of attacks against the US government. Recent changes in the Sykipot campaign have led to some shifts in BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG's probable targets and SpywareRemove.com malware researchers warn that BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG most likely may be used in attacks against major civilian aircraft companies. E-mail is the dominant infection vector by which BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG infects new computers, and the sophisticated security-dismantling attacks at BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG's disposal cause BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG to be classified as a high-level PC threat. Naturally, deleting BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG with anti-malware software immediately after its detection is strongly advised.

BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG: Carefully Undoing Industry Security from the Inside Out

Although BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG is a backdoor Trojan crafted to be essentially undetectable to the PC user, its attacks are intended to render your PC roughly as helpless as a lobster in a boiling pot. First sighted back in 2007, the Sykipot family (often detected by the alias of Wyksol) has received many updates over the years, and BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG is one of the newest 2013 variants to be confirmed. Because BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG and other Sykipot Trojans are designed for attacking professional computers rather than personal ones, they are distributed by fraudulent e-mail attachments that are targeted at specific addresses – as opposed to generalized spam. Victims who fall for the e-mail ruse may be infected with BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG or another Sykipot variant – with a little help from an exploit kit that, in most cases, uses a zero-day exploit (a software vulnerable that has not yet been patched).

BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG opens an SLL-protected (the same type of data transmission protection used by, for example, many banking websites) connection to various Command & Control servers to receive instructions on how to attack your PC. BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG also may use this connection to upload stolen data, download new threats or simply update itself. Government institutions and government-contracted companies have been the major targets of past Sykipot attacks, but SpywareRemove.com malware researchers noted a recent shift in targets implicating the air travel industry as being BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG's most likely victim.

Getting a Flight to Skies Clear of BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG Troubles

Although BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG is one of the newest versions of Sykipot that SpywareRemove.com malware analysts have been able to verify, the often-updated Sykipot family most likely may see new members in the future. Accordingly, keeping your anti-malware and security programs updated is critical to keeping a BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG infection away from a vulnerable computer – or, at least, deleting BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG after BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG is crept into your hard drive.

However, PC security always starts and ends with the user, as can be demonstrated through the e-mail attacks that BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG uses as the first step of its distribution. Scanning potentially malicious files before opening them and learning to recognize targeted attacks disguised as business messages are important parts of dealing with BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG and keeping BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG from compromising confidential company information.

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