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Posted: November 20, 2014

BoBrowser is a Web browser that markets itself as an 'upgrade' to other browsers through supposed improved security features. Although BoBrowser isn't threatening, malware researchers have seen limited evidence of its marketed benefits – and significant proof of its using non-consensual methods of distributing itself and ensuring its persistence on a PC. Except for PC users who are certain that they wish to continue using BoBrowser, you should consider uninstalling BoBrowser with appropriate security solutions designed to combat similarly unwanted software.

Justified Distrust of the Browser Named Bob

Most Potentially Unwanted Programs are add-ons to your preexisting Web browser, such as 'coupon' adware for Chrome or a search engine hijacker for Safari. BoBrowser is an uncharacteristic PUP in that BoBrowser is a functional Web browser, in and of itself. Its marketing claims include theoretical anti-virus protection and increased download rates, neither of which malware experts have seen any sign of in its actual functions.

BoBrowser is free, but finances itself through its default search settings, which promote a sub-domain of BoBrowser.com that borrows results from real search engines while inserting extra, sponsored content. Sponsored content may include both direct advertisements and 'relevant' search links. Prolonged contact with BoBrowser advertisements has the same risks as contact with adware, including possible exposure to online unsafe tactics and threat-installing attacks.

BoBrowser also has an extended history of avoiding normal uninstall methods that should remove BoBrowser from your computer. Because BoBrowser maintains itself as a background memory process, PC users are unable to uninstall BoBrowser directly through the Control Panel, unlike legitimate software. Malware experts only find sufficient evidence worthy of classifying BoBrowser as a PUP, but warn that these details tend to be indicative of software that doesn't value its users and even may endanger them.

Resolving the Conundrum of an Invisible 'Bob' Window

In most cases, a PUP must be judged according to its own merits and usability in the circumstances of the individual PC's user. Although BoBrowser is a separate browser, BoBrowser shows very few differences from the browser add-ons that malware researchers have examined in the past, including its long past of poor business practices. If you've already installed this PUP and wish to remove BoBrowser, you can use anti-adware and anti-malware products to scan for and remove all components. Due to the presence of BoBrowser as a background process, attempted manual removal of BoBrowser may fail, often along with general error messages, such as 'Please close all BoBrowser windows and try again.'

In most circumstances, you'll need to force BoBrowser to close or launch Windows without BoBrowser also launching. To do so, boot your PC from any USB device, preferably into Safe Mode. The Safe Mode environment allows a bare minimum of software to launch automatically, which provides the opportunities needed to delete BoBrowser and any other software that proves more intractable than it should be.