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Posted: February 26, 2021

Bridlebuddles, also seen as Bridlebuddies, is a suspicious browser add-on or standalone application, which seems to share some similarities with IdleBuddy, an infamous Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP,) which has caused problems for users all around the world. The good news is that Bridlebuddles is not considered to be threatening – the worst that this PUP does is to manipulate your Web browser's behavior and settings. The changes it brings may replace your Web browser's homepage, new tab page, and search aggregator. On top of all this, users may see extra advertisements whenever they go online.

Users who have had to deal with Bridlebuddles report that they noticed that the extension in the control panel or task manager, and had no idea how it got there. Some of them managed to discover Bridlebuddles' folders manually and tried deleting its files, but did not remove the problem. If you encounter traces of Bridlebuddles, you should take the necessary steps to eliminate them to prevent them from manipulating your Web browser. The best way to get rid of Bridlebuddles completely is to run an up-to-date security tool.

It is likely that Bridlebuddles was installed by accident when you fell for a misleading advertisement, fake download, or interacted with a low-quality software bundle that delivered 3rd-party software. Be more careful with the files you download in the future, and make sure to be protected by anti-virus software at all times – these two measures are more than enough to prevent PUPs like Bridlebuddles from reaching your computer.