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Central Hub Radio

Posted: March 9, 2018

The Central Hub Radio is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) whose installation might bring unwanted changes to the way your Web browser behaves. The Central Hub Radio is meant to provide users with access to free radio station streams that they can listen to from their Web browser directly. However, what the description of this add-on might forget to mention is that users who install the Central Hub Radio must authorize the extension to tamper with their Web browser's settings. The changes that the Central Hub Radio applies are not harmful, but users are likely to be unhappy with them since they concern to the default new tab page and search aggregator. In short, as soon as you install the Central Hub Radio, you should be prepared to start using an alternative new tab page and search service that you might not be familiar with.

When the Central Hub Radio is installed, it might set the new tab to Home.centralhubradio.com while the default search is set to Search.centralhubradio.com. Both of these pages function safely so that you should not face any problems if you opt to use them. However, we advise against using dubious 3rd-party browser add-ons, which force you to use alternative browser settings.

If you have installed the Central Hub Radio and you are not happy with the way it operates, then we suggest that you remove it either manually or with the use of a credible PC security tool.