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Posted: February 21, 2020

ChoiceFinder is a Mac application that may arrive via a software bundle that users will download when they are downloading a freeware or shareware application. Software bundles tend to ask users whether they'd like to install 3rd-party applications that are meant to enhance their Web browsing experience in some way, but you can rest assured that the installation of ChoiceFinder will not do such thing. This Mac utility claims to provide users with coupon codes and online promotions that they can take advantage of, but, in reality, it will display advertisements on all websites that you visit. The ChoiceFinder adware is compatible with popular Web browsers and will deploy a different version depending on the user's default Web browser.

The advertisements that ChoiceFinder spawns may appear in various forms – banners, hyperlinked text, highlighted words, pop-ups, etc. Needless to say, software that spawns advertisements all the time is not something you should keep on your computer. The recommended way to get rid of a Mac adware like ChoiceFinder is to use a reputable security tool. To prevent future encounters with adware, you should be more careful with the applications you install, and also remember to check software bundles for 3rd-party installers.