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Chromium Shield

Posted: October 22, 2020

Chromium Shield is a Web browser that claims to be more useful than Google Chrome, the world's most popular Web browser at the moment. As the name of Chromium Shield suggests, it was built using the Chromium project, an open-source variant of Google Chrome. However, its authors claim to have introduced tons of useful features such as integrated VPN, better search, ad-blocker, enhanced privacy and more. However, Chromium Shield is considered to be a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). Its developers have no interest in providing users with a useful piece of software. Instead, they want you to install Chromium Shield because this will allow them to promote their own websites and inject unwanted advertisements in your Web browser. It is not uncommon for the Chromium Shield browser to promote deceptive pages, so it is best to avoid any content associated with this PUP.

Chromium Shield may sometimes be installed with the help of opt-in or opt-out software bundles. However, it also has an official download page and website, which may be promoted via misleading online advertisements. While Chromium Shield is not threatening, it certainly exhibits intrusive and dodgy behavior that you should avoid.

Users who have the Chromium Shield browser on their computers should consider removing it immediately. Since this is a PUP, it can be removed not just manually but also with the assistance of suitable PC security software.