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City Page Today Home Page

Posted: November 17, 2017

The City Page Today Home Page is a browser extension for Google Chrome, which is advertised as an entertaining tool that allows its users to explore a new city whenever they use their Web browser. It achieves this by displaying a random picture of a major city as soon as the users open their new tab page. However, to achieve this, the City Page Today Home Page asks users to authorize it to modify their default new tab page to Citypage.today.

While this change will not put you in harm's way, the search results that City Page Today Home Page provides may differ from the ones you are used to seeing. In addition to the random city photos, the Citypage.today website also may host quick links to external sites and services, as well as a search feature that provides results via Bing.com.

The City Page Today Home Page extension can be downloaded either from the add-on's official website or via the Chrome Store. It is not distributed via software bundling or other shady techniques so that its publishers don't seem to be exploiting dubious methods to acquire more users. Although the City Page Today Home Page is a safe extension, it is marked as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) by major anti-virus products so that its removal is recommended.