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Posted: March 12, 2015

Clmbtv.qfmex.pw is yet another adware-related domain that shows up in a pop-up page in your browser. In case you see a pop-up page from Clmbtv.qfmex.pw, it is an indication that your system has been infected with adware. Adware applications are habitually promoted via freeware downloads, so computer security experts warn users to be extremely cautious. Once infected, your computer displays annoying pop-ups such as the one from Clmbtv.qfmex.pw, as well as plenty of other advertising materials. Pop-ups from Clmbtv.qfmex.pw convince users that their system is infected and they need to contact a 'support hotline'. In fact, the toll-free number (886)-208-2261 does not provide legitimate solutions. This is a scam message created by adware-developers in order to get their victims to pay for unnecessary services