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Posted: August 25, 2011

Comparedby.us is a fraudulent website that pretends to pay reviewers for well-written product reviews but, in reality, SywareRemove.com malware researchers have found that Comparedbyus does everything that Comparedby.us possibly can so that Comparedby.us can avoid paying for its content. Additionally, Comparedby.us is promoted by browser hijackers that redirect you to Comparedby.us and equally malicious websites without your consent. Although Comparedby.us claims to offer a quick response to all issues within twenty-four hours, its actual response time can extend to 'never,' and you should avoid placing any trust in Comparedby.us with respect to your finances, your work time or your personal information. To put a stop to unwanted exposure to Comparedby.us through browser hijacks, you can use the same anti-malware software and procedures that you would use, to remove any Trojan or virus that exhibited similar symptoms.

Comparedby.us: Buying Real Content with Fake Money

Comparedby.us utilizes an exceptionally ingenuous scam that makes it sound like anyone who visits the site can sign up and immediately earn large amounts of money, purely by writing high-quality product reviews. It places a serious delay on your ability to verify the legitimacy of its payment options by claiming that Comparedby.us payments take place only on the twentieth day of each month. Unfortunately, after SywareRemove.com malware researchers looked closely at Comparedby.us's history, they found that the adage about something being too good to be true has, once again, been proven correct.

Most people who attempt to use Comparedby.us to earn money report that they're unable to get their payout at the requested date. Comparedby.us's customer service, while active at promoting the Comparedby.us website, is decidedly inactive in terms of addressing the concerns of reviewers who are anxiously awaiting payment. Finally, Comparedby.us also retains the right to reject reviews on completely arbitrary grounds, although you will not find this clause mentioned upfront when you first visit the Comparedby.us website.

All the signals point to Comparedby.us being another scam website that attempts to garner traffic and content while not providing visitors anything in return, and you're advised to spend your time at websites that have a better reputation for business practices.

Dealing with Comparedby.us's Browser Hijacker Chum

Besides its fraudulent business practices, Comparedby.us also has another taint to its brand name that SywareRemove.com malware analysts have found – an association with confirmed web browser hijackers. Browser hijackers are a subtype of Trojan or other broad infection type that redirect your browser to Comparedby.us and equally harmful websites without your permission. Like Comparedby.us's own scam, browser hijackers are often employed to earn money via fraud and can also be observed in recent outbreaks of Resulurl, 100k Search Virus, Qooqlle.com and Findxplorer attacks.

Common side effects of a browser hijacker infection include:

  • Having your homepage changed to an unfamiliar website and being unable to reset your homepage after the fact.
  • Being redirected to strange websites when you attempt to use search engines.
  • Advertisement or infection warning-based pop-ups that appear at random.
  • Blocked access to websites that offer anti-malware services that could assist you with a removal of Comparedby.us hijackers.

Technical Details

File System Modifications

The following files were created in the system:

c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Comparedby.us File name: c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Comparedby.us
Mime Type: unknown/us
c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Comparedby.us File name: c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Comparedby.us
Mime Type: unknown/us

Registry Modifications

The following newly produced Registry Values are: