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'Your computer is locked !' Screenlocker

Posted: November 28, 2016

The 'Your Computer is Locked!' Screenlocker is a Trojan that uses fake technical support messages to collect money or information from its victims. Although its tactics require telephone communications, the 'Your Computer is Locked!' Screenlocker is identifiable through its pop-ups blocking your access to the Windows interface primarily. Sufficiently strong and updated anti-malware products can terminate the 'Your Computer is Locked!' Screenlocker or remove it from your computer before it can lock your screen.

Trojans Trolling Your Screen with Fake Viruses

Although a pop-up warning you about the presence of threatening software never is an issue to ignore, legitimate security products aren't the only programs capable of launching such warnings. Ironically, threat authors often make just as much use out of them, by incorporating them into threats like the 'Your Computer is Locked!' Screenlocker particularly. This Trojan uses its 'virus' alert to justify blocking Windows until you contact a fake support technician, through which threat actors can collect money, take information, or even gain remote access to your PC.

The 'Your Computer is Locked!' Screenlocker operates similarly to the equally new, but unrelated 'Your Windows Hasbeen Banned' Screenlocker, by auto-launching HTA pop-ups without borders or window controls. While stopping you from closing, reducing or resizing the window simultaneously, the 'Your Computer is Locked!' Screenlocker displays information warning you to call the 'nearest Microsoft technician,' which it mimics by pretending to scan the nearby region for available employees.

Although this 'scanning' element is an unusual UI addition to a screen-locking Trojan, the 'Your Computer is Locked!' Screenlocker, otherwise, resembles most threats of its category. After gaining phone contact with a victim, the 'Your Computer is Locked!' Screenlocker's threat actors can request money or information, or ask you to change network settings to give them remote access.

Note that the 'Your Computer is Locked!' Screenlocker is not a real representation of a virus warning and may be the only threatening software on your computer. However, malware experts do associate the 'Your Computer is Locked!' Screenlocker with attempted memory injection. This exploit can let the 'Your Computer is Locked!' Screenlocker launch without showing a separate process in the Task Manager for closing automatically.

The Negatives of Trusting the 'Nearest' Solution to a Technical Problem

The 'Your Computer is Locked!' Screenlocker is a representative of the many problems that come with assuming that any pop-up on your computer is equally legitimate. Through its attacks, con artists may use backdoor vulnerabilities for installing other threats, encourage you to purchase scamware, or gain access to financial credentials. Education about what is and isn't standard practice for Windows security features and other PC security software is integral for identifying the 'Your Computer is Locked!' Screenlocker, like all threats of its kind.

Malware experts were fortunate to find the current code the 'Your Computer is Locked!' Screenlocker uses for unlocking the screen. The password '01548764GHEZG784' should remove this threat's pop-up, allowing you to take further actions. If the Trojan receives updates that invalidate this unlocking method, malware experts suggest that you use alternatives, such as Safe Mode, and, under no circumstances, offer money or information to its fake technician.

Less than half of most prominent brands of anti-malware software include positive detection rates for removing the 'Your Computer is Locked!' Screenlocker. However, anyone with a passing awareness of what a legitimate threat warning looks like should be able to catch this fraudulent software before making any mistakes that cost them more than their view of their desktops.