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Posted: September 7, 2015

DynamicWPaper is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) whose installation may occur without your knowledge. This may happen thanks to DynamicWPaper's primary method of distribution – software bundles. Thanks to this strategy, the DynamicWPaper software's installation may be offered when you install legitimate applications like media players, PDF readers, and other freeware apps that may be bundled with 3rd-party software. Users who read the instructions and pay attention to the installation are likely to decline DynamicWPaper's request to install, but many users may accidentally agree to install this software without having any idea what it is capable of.

Thankfully, installing DynamicWPaper isn't dangerous since this application doesn't exhibit any malicious behavior. However, it may bring some unwanted changes to your computer such as the appearance of numerous advertisements in your web browser. The ads published by DynamicWPaper may be part of a paid advertising campaign that may be used to generate revenue for the software's authors. Furthermore, the DynamicWPaper software will also put its main feature to use – its ability to change your desktop's wallpaper at a given time interval. Some users may appreciate this feature because it allows them to spice up their desktop a little bit and enjoy a new wallpaper every couple of hours. However, users who'd like to use DynamicWPaper should keep in mind that there is no way to get rid of the DynamicWPaper browser advertisements, and they'll stay there for as long as this application is installed. If you don't recall installing DynamicWPaper, and you'd like to remove the software and the ads that accompany it, then you should do so by using a reputable anti-malware software suite to deal with this PUP.